A new and spicy adventure

My partner and I are linked by a deep friendship, united by our common passion for chili peppers.

We loved experimenting with spicy recipes and always looking for new flavours, sometimes it seemed as if chilli was a magical ingredient, it gave us the possibility to create a world of unique and intense flavours.

During a midweek lunch, we realized the scarcity of spicy products on the market, and this disappointed us. It was as if the world hadn't yet discovered the full potential of chili.

Et voila! Like a spark that lights a fire, the idea was born to create a company dedicated to the production of spicy products.

We wanted to share our passion with the world and let anyone who hadn't yet had the chance to taste all the nuances of chilli pepper discover it, in fact, every time we met, the conversation always came back and slowly we began to take it into serious consideration.

At the beginning of 2020, we embarked on this exciting adventure, knowing that we would have to put all our resources into play to make it possible.

We immediately decided to call it Balaccos peppers &C. in honor of our love for this spice.

We worked hard to create a company that could live up to it and we are proud to be able to offer the world high quality spicy products.

Balaccos peppers &C. it is based on passion, enthusiasm and a good dose of madness.

Our little secret

What allows us to have a variety of climatic conditions perfect for growing high quality chillies is our region, the Marche.

The fresh mountain air combined with the Mediterranean characteristics of the coast create an ideal environment for the growth of our chillies, which have an intense aroma and perfect spiciness. Additionally, our focus on craftsmanship and quality allows us to offer unique products.

We only use the best seeds and grow our peppers naturally, without the use of harmful chemicals. The picking and selection of the fruit is done by hand, to ensure that only the best chillies are used in our products.

We satisfy your tastes, for all palates, with a variety of spiciness ranging from the sweetest to the hottest. Furthermore, we are always looking for new and innovative recipes to offer our customers a unique and unforgettable taste experience.

We are convinced that once you try it, you won't be able to do without it.

Thanks for choosing us.