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Spicy oil

Balacco's Peppers Spicy Oil is made with high quality natural ingredients.

What makes it truly special is the way it is made.

It is prepared by hand using ancient techniques and slow and careful processing methods, which allow you to preserve all the taste and beneficial properties of its natural ingredients.

Not only is it delicious to use as a seasoning for food, but it is also very healthy. Contains antioxidants and vitamins that help strengthen the immune system and prevent disease. Additionally, chili peppers have been shown to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which means they can help reduce pain and inflammation in the body.

Additionally, Balacco's Peppers Chilli Oil is extremely versatile and can be used in many different recipes. You can add it to soups, pasta, rice, grilled meat or vegetables to add some extra flavour. Or, you can simply spread it on a slice of toasted bread to create a tangy and tasty snack.


For true fans of unexpected and decisive flavours, our marmalade is the perfect mix of sweet quinces and chillies. Imagine savoring the softness of freshly picked quinces, which will win you over with its delicacy. And then, suddenly, you will feel a spicy touch of chilli pepper that will surprise you, giving you an unforgettable taste experience.

This perfect balance between sweet and spicy has been achieved thanks to the use of high quality ingredients, without the use of artificial preservatives.

We are proud to offer jam that is both healthy and delicious.

Each jar is packaged with care to preserve the freshness and flavor of the jam.

Ground and Powders

We pride ourselves on using only natural ingredients, carefully selected, to ensure exceptional taste and perfect texture. Our chillies are grown sustainably and using traditional harvesting methods to ensure that the chillies retain all their intense aroma and flavour. Once harvested, the chilli is carefully selected and ground to create our powders and grinds. But it doesn't stop there: we also use secret ingredients to create a range of unique and surprising flavours. The end result is a line of Balacco's Peppers ground and powders that are 100% natural, delicious, and perfect for adding a pop of flavor to any dish.

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