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Balacco's peppers

Red Oil

Red Oil

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Red Oil is a unique gastronomic experience. Made with high quality natural ingredients, this condiment has been built on a base of Habanero Red pepper, carefully following a secret recipe to obtain an intense and unique taste. The blend of carefully selected spices and aromas add an intriguing touch, making Red Oil a truly special and prized chili oil.

Not only is it delicious to use as a seasoning for food, but it is also very healthy. Contains antioxidants and vitamins that help strengthen the immune system.

The versatility of Red Oil makes it perfect for use in many different recipes, such as for seasoning soups, pasta, rice, grilled meat or vegetables. Or, you can simply spread it on a slice of toasted bread to create a tangy and tasty snack.

Red Oil is a unique gastronomic experience that cannot be missed.

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